Free Brake Check at Robins & Day

You need to feel confident that you can stop your car safely. Bring your Citroen in for a free brake check at Robins & Day, carried out by our excellent Trustpilot rated Citroen- trained technicians.

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Do your brakes provide maximum stopping power?

Every driver understands the importance of achieving maximum stopping power when braking. At Robins & Day we offer a free, no obligation, brake check. Our Citroen trained technicians use the latest diagnostic equipment meaning you are guaranteed the highest levels of safety.

Having your brakes regularly checked can help reduce the possibility of more costly bills in the future, by booking your vehicle in for a free brake check at Robins & Day we can also ensure your brakes are safe and meet legal requirements.

Signs that there may be problems with your brakes

The brake discs, pads, drums, shoes and fluid all need to work well to make sure your brakes work as they should. Here are some signs of some possible problems:

  • The brake pedal feels either softer or stiffer than usual
  • The car or the brake pedal judders when you stop the car
  • Your car pulls to one side as you brake

If you experience any of the above, book an appointment at your local Robins & Day as soon as possbile for a free brake check.

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