Pollen Filter Change


A sign that your pollen filter needs changing is if the air seems stale in your car, or the engine takes too long to de-mist.

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Citroen Pollen Filter Change

The pollen filter in your car is designed to trap not only pollen, but also dust, industrial particles, spores and bacteria. The pollen fiilter is important for your health, protection and comfort. This is why the pollen filter will be changed as part of your Citroen filter service, however you can have it checked by an Citroen technician anytime.

Our standard pollen filter is the Classic, but we also offer Comfort and Premium Comfort ranges for people with particular sensitivities or allergies

Benefits of a pollen filter change

  • Your Health: fully functioning pollen filters reduce air pollutants that create fatigue, drowsiness, headaches, nausea and allergic reactions
  • Protection: the filter helps allergy and asthma sufferers by filtering out pollen
  • Comfort: they reduce unpleasant odours, especially those arising from heavy traffic
  • Hygiene: they help to reduce the build up of deposits in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system
  • Air Flow: reduced flow of air through a blocked pollen filter will result in a less efficient operation of the system
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