DS 4: Refinement engineered

12 February 2021

DS Automobiles introduces the all-new DS 4, the new premium C-segment vehicle that will support the company’s continued growth across the globe. Built on the new, multi-energy EMP2 platform with a unique and world-renowned expertise in the field of electrification, the all-new DS 4 is available with petrol, diesel and a Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) powertrain, with the DS 4 E-TENSE capable of up to 30 miles of all-electric driving from a single charge.

The all-new DS 4 introduces a range of advanced technologies new to the C-segment, with features borrowed from the ground-breaking DS AERO SPORT LOUNGE concept model. Through DS SMART TOUCH, drivers can access essential functions on the centre console via simple hand gestures, without the need of touching the infotainment screen. DS EXTENDED HEAD-UP DISPLAY is a new feature that appears to project key information directly onto the road in front of the driver to reduce the potential for distraction and improve safety.

DS 4: Refinement engineered

Charismatic design paves the way for AERO SPORT LOUNGE

With a benchmark width of 1.83 metres and large 720-millimetre wheels (alloys up to 20 inches), a compact length of 4.40 metres and a roof height of 1.47 metres, the dimensions appear impressive with a memorably imposing presence. The front is characterised by a new light signature featuring the DS MATRIX LED VISION system that combines matrix and directional lighting complemented by Daytime Running LED Lights. The profile combines fluidity and sharp lines. The flush fitting door handles go with sculpted surfaces on the sides. The ratio of the bodywork to the large diameter wheels inspired by the DS AERO SPORT LOUNGE concept car, displaying an imposing and unique presence.

DS 4 CROSS plays on the visual perception of an SUV with a treatment to the lower part of the bumper emphasised by special protection and matt black paint. The gloss black upper parts to the side window frames, gloss black grille, distinctive alloy wheels, roof bars and a roof the same colour as the bodywork finishes this strong look. As an exclusive option, DS 4 CROSS gets Advanced Traction Control for improved grip with sand, snow and mud modes and Hill Assist Descent Control. More dynamic, DS 4 PERFORMANCE LINE has an exterior trimmed in black with a Black Pack (DS WINGS, strip between the rear lights, grille and side window frames) and distinctive black alloy wheels as well as an exclusive interior.

DS 4: Refinement engineered

Purity and fluidity of interior design, “hand-made” upholstery

DS 4 has a digital interior, seamless and ergonomic with each part integrated intuitively as much for function as form. This fluidity is driven by innovations that aim to create complete calm within DS 4. The art of travel is demonstrated with a new control lay out, grouped in three zones of interface to simplify the experience. ‘Clous de Paris’ embossing, inspired by fine watchmaking, picks out and emphasises the following features:

- The sabre on the dashboard brings together the controls for the air conditioning and DS AIR: the invisible vents.

- The electric window switches line up with the side vents built into the doors.

- The combination of DS SMART TOUCH, a 5-inch touchscreen linked to the DS IRIS SYSTEM, and DS E-TOGGLE, a compact control for the automatic gearbox, positioned on the centre console.

DS AIR with invisible vents is an innovative ventilation system with very compact central vents high up and fitted with blades that can’t be seen. A blast of air separated by a cone ensures it can be directed perfectly both high and low. The whole system works like classic ventilation with optimum efficiency. With its vertical compactness, it has an understated and integrated appearance which has enabled the design of the dashboard to be structured in a way that’s free flowing and uncluttered. The interior of DS 4 has been conceived with two merged zones: a contact zone for comfort and an interactive zone for the different interfaces. The two-tone treatment for the window controls has been designed to improve cognitive recognition. Through its materials, with different types of leather, Alcantara®, forged carbon, wood and new upholstery techniques, the interior of DS 4 blends refinement with technology.

A new trim gives an innovative meaning to well-being. Particular attention has been paid to the cooled and massaging seats’ shape. The concept is inspired by a shell, creating a new comfort zone made up of a single part, curved and without a break. New upholstery covers this with high density foam to achieve a level of exceptional comfort. The stretched seat and the shell shape give unprecedented depth for an innovative design.

The PERFORMANCE LINE version accentuates DS 4’s dynamism. Wide swathes of Alcantara® cover the dashboard, the doors and the whole centre console. The high-density foam seats have Basalt plaited cloth and Alcantara® finished with embroidery and special gold and Carmin stitching. The steering wheel is adorned with a single piece of forged carbon on the lower section. The feeling of harmony inside is emphasised by ambient lighting that can be personalised, indirectly intended to accentuate the side features and contribute to the overall sense of calm. Acoustic ambience is provided by a combination of the 690-Watt FOCAL ELECTRA sound system with 14 speakers plus acoustic side glass, another first in the segment.

DS 4: Refinement engineered

Plug-in hybrid
Double Formula E champions in 2019 and 2020, DS Automobiles is at the cutting edge of electrification. The new version of the EMP2 platform was conceived to accommodate a new generation plug-in hybrid drivetrain without compromising usability and boot space. A turbocharged 180 horsepower 4-cylinder engine is paired with a 110 horsepower electric motor and an e-EAT8 gearbox, for a combined 225 horsepower. It’s powered by a more efficient battery with new, more compact and larger capacity cells located behind the deformable beam and giving a range of more than 30 miles in zero emissions mode (WLTP combined cycle).

The PureTech 130, 180 and 225 horsepower petrol versions and a 130 horsepower Diesel BlueHDi version will also be offered. All these models will only get the 8-speed automatic gearbox. DS 4 also has a wide range of particularly efficient multi-energy versions, provided by first-class aerodynamic solutions.

Comfort and dynamic serenity
Already offered on DS 3 CROSSBACK, DS 7 CROSSBACK and DS 9, level 2 semi-autonomous driving – the highest level permitted on the road at the moment – has had a major update for DS 4 with DS DRIVE ASSIST 2.0.

The cruise control adapts speed depending on the traffic flow with the ability to stop and restart in traffic jams. The system also ensures precise car positioning in the lane of the driver’s choice. For DS 4, operation is improved with three new features: semi-automatic overtaking, speed adjustment for corners and anticipated speed recommendations from signposts. DS NIGHT VISION: another technology that enables DS Automobiles to stand out from the competition. The system makes the road and its hazards more visible. An infrared camera, located in the grille, spots pedestrians and animals up to 200 metres away at night and in poor light. The driver sees the road’s hazards in their digital instrument display (and as warnings in the DS EXTENDED HEAD-UP DISPLAY) enabling them to react.

DS 4 is made of 95% reusable materials and 85% recyclable parts. 30% of its weight is from renewable or recycled materials, divided between metals and polymers. The dashboard in particular is made of 20% hemp for parts that can’t be seen. Among the recycled materials, polypropylene, polyester and elastomer fibres are used under the chassis as baffles, for noise reducing or as mounting points.

Seven colours
Seven colours are available, two of them new: COPPER GOLD and LACQUERED GREY, which complement the other colours: PEARL CRYSTAL, PLATINUM GREY, RED VELVET, PEARL WHITE and PERLA NERA BLACK.



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