How Much is My Car Worth?

30 December 2016

At Robins & Day, we receive used cars in all different kinds of conditions and then work out their value. You’ll be shocked to find out some of the valuations we’ve carried out this year; check out the most surprising results below to give you an idea of just how much your car could be worth:

Highest Value Vehicle

The vehicle with the highest value was a Hyundai Tucson Diesel Estate with an extremely low 1000 miles on the clock. Its value only decreased slightly from £18,718 down to £17,199 when in a below average condition. All cars with only 1000 miles on the clock tended to have a similar high value regardless of being cleaned up or in a below average condition.

Average Mileage

Generally, people tend to buy a new car after around 3 years. An average driver is predicted to do around 10,000 miles per year, if they had a brand-new car this would mean there would be around 30,000 miles on the clock when the time came to look for a new car. At 30,000 miles most of the Peugeot 308 Diesel Hatchbacks that we valued came in at between £8,900 and £9,000, holding their value quite well.

The top ten Peugeots with the highest value were valued between £13,392 and £15,456 and all had between 2800 and 13,000 miles on the clock. The big milestone when vehicles started to lose their value most quickly was after 50,000 with only more expensive editions with high powered engines maintaining.

Lowest Value Vehicle

By far the lowest value vehicle we valued was a Nissan Primera Saloon, which had 220,000 miles on the clock. It’s value in both a below average condition and average condition was a grand total of £48. Once cleaned up it was valued for £115, with all the cars over 200,000 miles having a significantly low value. Cars with over 200,000 miles on the clock however did see a marginal increase when they were cleaned up.

When planning to buy a new car, working out the value of your current car is essential so you know exactly how much you’ll be able to spend on your next car. People tend to guess what their old car is worth when calculating this and estimates can often be well off the mark, so at Robins & Day we’ve got a handy car valuation tool for you to use. If you’re wondering, ‘How much is my car worth?’ why not try it out today?

The Robins & Day Car Valuation Tool works by entering your registration and mileage then gives you three different valuations for your vehicle. One for when it’s all cleaned up ready to hit the forecourt, one for its average condition and one for if it’s in a below average condition.


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