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Classic Cars of the 1970s

21 September 2020

The 1970s have a lot to be remembered for. It was a time of immense political and social change, rapid technological advancement - and lots of dancing to disco music. Car lovers meanwhile will fondly remember various 1970s classic cars that kept us moving through the decade. But why are we bringing all this back up now?  `

It’s simple. New car number plates in September are the year plus 50 – so new number plates in 2020 are 70! To celebrate the launch of 70 plate cars, we’re offering an extra gift to all those who drive away in one of our brand-new Peugeot, Citroen, DS or Vauxhall vehicles.

Simply select your ideal model, then choose from 2,000 miles of free fuel, £250 extra on a part-exchange valuation or free paint protection for your new ride. You can learn more about our 70 plate offer here.    

In the meantime, let’s take a drive down memory lane and reminisce about the 1970s cars that defined the decade. Did you own any of these beauties?

Vauxhall Viva

No list of classic British cars from the 1970s would be complete without a nod to the Vauxhall Viva. This small family car started out life in 1963 and was produced in a series of three versions – the HA, HB and HC – until 1979. The third generation HC was launched in 1970 and turned out to be the last car to be solely designed by Vauxhall before badge-engineered Opel models took over. Search our stock of used Vauxhall vehicles to see if you can get behind the wheel of a classic.    

Classic Cars of the 1970s

Citroen CX

With its half-covered rear wheels and low-sitting body, the Citroen CX is one of the iconic cars of the 1970s that, at the time at least, appeared as if it had landed from another planet. The CX was launched in 1974 and even took its name from the French initials for coefficient of drag.   

It secured the title of European Car of the Year in 1975, winning plaudits for its aerodynamic design, hydro-pneumatic suspension and ergonomic cockpit. With the CX remaining in production until 1991, see if you can uncover a gem in our collection of used Citroen vehicles.


First produced by British Motor Corporation in the 1960s and then British Leyland throughout the 70s, the Mini is an icon of British popular culture. Part of the charm of its instantly recognisable appearance was that it barely changed – despite the Mini being 11 years old by the turn of the decade.  

The classic Mini stayed in production right up until 2000, before it was replaced by the new Mini. After all, who can forget the Mini Cooper’s starring role in the British cinema classic The Italian Job?   

Classic Cars of the 1970s

Peugeot 504

The mid-sized Peugeot 504 won the same award as the CX five years earlier and became widely renowned for its ruggedness. After frequenting UK roads throughout the 1970s until Peugeot ceased marketing in 1983, the 504 took on a new life in rough-terrain countries across South America, Africa and Oceania.

The 504 is undoubtedly one of the best cars from the 1970s in terms of reliability. It wasn’t all brawn over beauty however, and first drew praise for its refined styling and elegance in the saloon market. Search our stock of used Peugeots to discover if you can reconnect with the 504.  

Drive away with a 70 plate car with Robins & Day

We hope you’ve enjoyed this journey back in time. You may have been a proud owner of one of these iconic 1970s cars yourself − or have fond memories of sitting in one as a child. Perhaps you simply wanted to learn more about a period of time in British automotive history? Either way, there’s never been a better time to upgrade for the future with Robins & Day.

Search our new vehicles online or find a dealer near you. Thanks to new car registration dates in 2020 you could be one of the first to drive away with a 70 plate car, plus an added gift from us. Get 2,000 miles of free fuel, £250 extra on a part-exchange valuation or free paint protection.   



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