Optiway Service Plan

Optiway Service Plan

Take the stress out of vehicle servicing

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Take the stress out of vehicle servicing

With the Optiway Service Plan just choose the plan you want, we'll tailor it to suit you, and you can spread the cost of servicing by paying through monthly instalments - just like you'd pay for the gas, electricity and TV licence.

Easy interest-free monthly payments

We'll give you a quote based on the number of years you want the Service Plan to cover, your service schedule and average mileage. You can take out a Optiway Service Plan at any time during the ownership of your vehicle, and if you decide to sell it before the plan ends, you can transfer it.

Spread the cost of your Optiway Service Plan with either monthly interest-free payments - or if you like, pay for it with a lump sum, by adding the cost to your finance agreement. By the way- there's no chance of your servicing costs rising as they're frozen from the time you take out the Service Plan!

What the Optiway Service Plan covers

The whole cost of standard servicing is covered by the servicing plan, including parts and labour, with the exception of normal wear and tear parts such as tyres, brake pads and windscreen wipers.

Vehicle servicing by the experts

And, of course, with our Optiway Service Plan you can relax knowing that your vehicle will be maintained and serviced by the expert Peugeot-trained Technicians. We'll also help to maintain your vehicle's resale value by stamping your service book.

To find out more about our servicing plan, call our Service Department on 0333 414 9814.

Great benefits:

Quality - all our technicians have been especially trained to work on Peugeots and will fit your vehicle with Peugeot Original Equipment Parts.
Interest-free payments - spreading out your payments won't cost you a penny extra.
Inflation proof - your payments will be inflation proof, you'll get your future servicing at a price fixed today.
10% discount - on all mechanical repairs, tyres and associated labour.
20% discount - on all accessories, including fitting.
Free - Puncture repair

Payment options If you're interested in our Optiway Service Plan, there are a few different payment options. Just pick the one that suits you:

Interest-free monthly payments with Direct Debit, for example:
2 Services - 20 months
3 Services - 32 months

Whether your Peugeot is new or used, we have a highly competitive servicing plan that'll be just right for you!

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