Peugeot Protection Packs

Help to keep your Peugeot as good as new with a protection pack from Robins & Day. Designed to fit your car perfectly, for extra protection from whatever life throws at it.

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Protect your Peugeot

To keep your car looking it's best, It’s important to ensure your Peugeot is ready for the elements. That’s why Peugeot have created three different accessory packs to protect your car inside and out, ensuring that your winter driving is as stress free as possible.

Pack 1 - Rubber mats, front and rear mud flaps
The bare essentials to protect your car are included in pack 1. With rubber mats to protect the carpet inside your car from wet shoes and mud, plus front and rear mud flaps to keep it looking clean when driving through dirty puddles.

Pack 2 - Rubber mats, front and rear mud flaps and boot tray
Pack 2 has all the essentials with the added extra of a boot tray. The boot tray ensures that dirt doesn’t tip all over the carpet inside the boot and prevents any small spills from causing damage.

Pack 3 - Rubber mats, front and rear mud flaps, boot tray and sill protectors
Completely protect your Peugeot inside and out with the full range of accessories. Pack 3 even includes sill protectors to prevent scuffs and scratches.

Buy one of our Protection Accessory Packs today to keep your Peugeot looking perfect and you’ll get 15% off the recommended retail price*.

*Fitted by a Peugeot-trained technician

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