Wiper Blades

Many road traffic accidents are related to poor visibility, with defective wiper blades a common cause. In addition, having ineffective wiper blades can cause your vehicle to fail an MOT inspection.

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When should you replace your wiper blades?

When wiper blades become rough with an uneven surface, they begin to spread accumulated dust and dirt on the windscreen. This extra soiling can reduce visibility further. If wiper blades are very badly deteriorated, they can even scratch the windscreen.

To ensure maximum visibility we recommend that you get your wiper blades checked annually and replaced if necessary. You should also ensure that a good quality screen wash additive is used. This will not only reduces the risk of freezing in cold weather, but will also help keep your windscreen clear all year round.

  • If you find streaks or smears on your windscreen after using your wipers
  • If the blades jerk or are noisy when used
  • If some areas of the windscreen are not being wiped correctly
  • If the wiper rubber is cracked or worn, or if the blade’s frame touches the windscreen

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