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Cold Weather Tyres

As you know driving in the winter months is more risky than during the summer. In fact, when the temperatures drops below 7°C ordinary tyres have significantly less grip, increasing your chances of skidding. So make sure your Peugeot is ready for the rain, ice and snow by getting winter tyres fitted.

So why should you have your winter tyres fitted by Robins & Day?

  • Improved handling and traction when the temperature drops 7°C - not just when it's freezing
  • Braking distances can be reduced by up to 20% (11 metres) in icy conditions
  • Increased grip levels of up to 50% reduce the chances of skidding
  • If you haven't got room at home to store your summer tyres, we offer a 'Tyre Hotel' service

When we fit your winter tyres, we'll also carry out a FREE Vehicle Health Check on your car now and when you return in the spring just to make sure everything is working as it should.

To find out more and/or to arrange fitting of cold weather tyres, contact your local Robins & Day dealer now!

With Robins & Day, you'll benefit from:


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