The Future of In-Car Phone Technology

01 December 2017

Technology has seen cars evolve in many ways over the past few years, with autonomous driving creeping ever closer. From lane departure warnings to reverse parking systems that can slide your car into an empty space with minimal human control, many areas of modern vehicles are becoming more advanced.

In-car phone technology is another that has seen great advances. From being able to charge your phone in-car through a USB port to controlling music via the infotainment system, it has already come a long way. Yet there are still many more changes in-car technology could be set to experience.

Wireless Charging Pads

A wireless car charger provides added convenience, with no need to fiddle about with cables or them getting wrapped around your gearstick when you’re driving. With the new iPhone 8 and X out now, there are certain new Peugeot, Citroën and DS cars that include wireless charging pads that work with them, Apple has confirmed.

Any wireless car charger that implements the Qi standard will work with the iPhone 8 and X, while if there’s enough space then the iPhone 8 Plus can also be accommodated. More and more new vehicles will begin to include wireless charging pads, as almost all drivers own a mobile phone and as the technology becomes more widespread will look for this feature when buying a new car. 

Increased Connectivity

Mobile phones can already connect with many cars via Bluetooth to take charge of music, project the phone’s sat nav and for other purposes. With the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) and more devices than ever before being connected, phones and cars are set to develop an even more complex connectivity relationship.

Various innovations are in development, such as technology that will allow drivers to remotely unlock doors and start their car through their phone. Checking fuel levels from your phone and using voice control to make calls while driving with a car phone holder keeping the device steady allow further connectivity.    

In-Car Apps

There are many phone apps that can be used handsfree with a car phone holder to really improve the driving experience. Sat nav apps can be a cheaper option, while carcorder apps are becoming increasingly popular alongside dashcams, as car phone accessories that record your journeys. These track your location and can be useful should you experience an insurance claim.

Other useful, forward-thinking apps allow your phone’s screen to transform into a large-buttoned dashboard replacement, so you can easily choose between its music, maps or other features safely. Many more useful and innovative in-car apps are sure to be created in the coming years as well.

Safety Features

Various apps already exist that prevent a mobile phone being used when driving, as it detects when a vehicle is in motion. There is even a campaign to introduce phone signal blocking technology to new cars in an effort to clamp down on distracted driving.

Further in-car safety technology out there includes Hum devices and apps. An OBD reader is plugged into the car’s OBD-II port and the Hum speaker clipped near your windscreen. Then using the app you receive information such as maintenance reminders and vehicle diagnostics, alongside being able to pinpoint roadside assistance and use the device to speak with someone form emergency assistance.

From a wireless car charger to innovative car phone accessories, the future of in-car phone technology looks set to make driving safer and more convenient in many different ways.

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