Citroen Launches MY AMI Cargo: Made For Business Users

14 May 2021

Citroën is continuing to innovate on behalf of its business and fleet customers with the new launch of MY AMI CARGO – an LCV version of the fully electric AMI two-seater.

Citroën has recently launched an LCV version of its compact, zero emissions AMI mobility solution. New MY AMI CARGO is designed for delivery service providers and other business users operating in urban areas. With a number of cities and urban areas introducing new emissions and congestion rules, new MY AMI CARGO is an innovative and practical solution for operators requiring an agile and practical zero emissions vehicle.


At 2.41m long, 1.39m wide and 1.52m tall, new MY AMI CARGO surprises and delights with its practical features. The interior has been re-designed so that new MY AMI CARGO is truly 'small on the outside and big on the inside’. The main change is the removal of the passenger seat, which has been replaced by a seven-part polypropylene module that can hold up to 260-litres and 140kg of cargo or goods. Coupled with the interior storage already present on-board, MY AMI CARGO is able to offer a total load capacity of 400-litres. 


New MY AMI CARGO features the same 5.5kWh lithium battery pack found in AMI. It is connected to a 6kW electric motor for an emissions-free driving experience. New MY AMI CARGO can be fully charged from a standard domestic socket in just three hours and comes with a capable 47 mile (75km) range – ideal for daily use in most urban areas. With zero CO2 emissions when in use, new MY AMI CARGO is exempt from current access restrictions and congestion charges in many major towns and cities. New MY AMI CARGO is 100% suited for inner-city delivery services, particularly as e-commerce and home food delivery is on the rise. It is also a useful solution for many other urban operators, including local service companies (plumbers, electricians and locksmiths), local authorities and other public sector service providers.

The Citroen AMI is currently not available in the UK. 


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