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Why Buy a New Car With a 67 Number Plate?

14 September 2017

The newest number plates are out! From September 1st all new cars will have ‘67’ registration plates, that demonstrate it was registered between September 2017 and February 2018. That means any 17 plate cars have quickly become out of date. New vehicles with a 67 plate may be more expensive than picking up a second hand version of the same car, but there are still many reasons for buying a new car with a 67 number plate.

High Reliability

As technology advances, so does the reliability of new cars being produced. Mistakes made in the production of older vehicles are learned from to improve the reliability of newer models. Plus, the best new cars are a lot less likely to break down as they don’t have the same wear and tear that older cars do. It may be a little more expensive when buying a new car, but given the savings you should make on repairs and maintenance, it can soon start to even out.   

Resale Value

If for some reason in the near future you need or want to sell your new car, either to buy another fresh one, because you’re moving abroad or any other purpose, cars with new number plates will attract much higher prices. While it is true that cars generally depreciate in value by 15 to 35% in their first year and then up to 50% over three years or more, a car with a 67 number plate should retain plenty of value. Factors such as mileage, number of owners and service history affect value, and as a new car these should all be low.  

Professional Image

Especially if you’re looking at buying a brand new car as a commuter vehicle, one with new number plates delivers an incredibly professional image. Plenty of used cars can be scrubbed up and look professional too, but colleagues, clients, investors and more will notice the 67 plate and take note that it’s a truly brand new vehicle. The likes of a New Peugeot 308 can provide a professional impression while also being fun to drive and a reliable vehicle when behind the wheel.

Greater Fuel Efficiency

There is a much greater focus on improving fuel efficiency levels for new cars produced these days than in the past. Due to government targets and more knowledge for drivers, more are seeking new cars with high mpg and low emissions. That means if you look at the best new cars, they should all be inexpensive to own and run while having a much lower environmental impact than if you buy an older, second hand model. This technology keeps improving and should only get better in time.

Longer Warranty and MOT

The majority of new cars include a warranty of at least three years or around 60,000 miles, meaning if there are any serious issues you will be covered during this period. As well as this, most don’t require an MOT for the first three years either, saving drivers who purchase a car with a 67 number plate another expense. As it’s new there shouldn’t be any major issues to deal with anyway, aside from general wear and tear.

These benefits of buying a new car mean picking up a car with a 67 number plate can be highly advantageous if you’re looking for the latest vehicle available. Click Peugeot, Citroen or DS to view our latest 67 plate new car offers.

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